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The Low Carb Diet

Hi Guys. I am off on my holidays in a few weeks and whilst I am generally in pretty good shape I have been on a diet for about 6 weeks to really get that shredded look. Before I get into details of how I’ve been eating I want to first be honest and say I have treated myself a couple of times throughout those 6 weeks. Nothing major but I believe if you follow your diet 80% of the time then a treat every now and then is good for motivation.

So what has my diet involved? Well I’ve kept it quite simple. Alternating days of my normal healthy eating followed by a day of very low carb eating. This two day rotational system has worked well as I never feel like I’m tired or even craving carbs as my diet only restricts me for one day. On my day of normal healthy eating I have still kept my low sugar rule. I have basically been eating food I enjoy anyway such as fajitas, spag bol & Thai green curry ect.

On my low/no carb day I have eaten foods high in natural fat such as avocado and plenty of protein. I never really feel hungry because I still get to consume plenty of food it is simply low in carbs.

When I get hungry between meals I snack on things like nuts, cheese cubes, protein shakes with banana and carrot sticks. I want to give you an example of the kind of food I eat daily on a low/no carb day so you can get some ideas. This will hopefully give you some inspiration to try this at home.

Hope this was helpful

Peace out

Breakfast – Strawberry Yogurt with chopped banana.

This is first meal of the day and contains the most sugar. About a quarter of my daily sugar allowance.


Lunch – Tuna Salad

I love a salad especially on summer days. This one is especially high in protein.


Dinner – Indian spiced chicken with charred veg

This is a delicious meal all cooked on the bbq. I also had a salad that doesn’t feature in the image.


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