My Top Three Tips For Reducing Body Fat

Number 1: Reduce the amount of sugar in your diet

Having a low sugar diet in my opinion is the number one factor for not only reducing body fat but for maintaining an overall healthy life style. Unfortunately for us sugar tastes good and food companies know it. The average man can consume about 30g of sugar a day to be used as energy where as the average women can consume around 25g a day before it starts having a negative impact on our bodies. This might sound like allot of sugar but to put things in prospective a 330ml can of coke contains about 35g of sugar. Your liver will break down any excess sugar and turn it into fatty acids (FAT). I am one of those people you see in the supermarket checking the back of products to see exactly how many grams of sugar they contain. Don’t get me wrong I love a treat now and again and I believe this is important. The key is a moderation guys. If you want to live a healthier lifestyle then moderate the amount of sugar in your diet.

Number 2: Do not starve yourself

 Eating extremely low calorie diets might seem like and effective way of losing weight but it is not healthy or sustainable. You might see rapid weight loss in the first few weeks of even days of these diets but this is called crash dieting and something I would personally not advise. First of all if you are not getting the proper nutrition or sustenance into your body. You are going to feel week and tired all the time. This will bring your mood down and often kills people’s motivation.

Maintaining crash diets for any length of time is not good as you are essentially starving yourself. The reason you see such good results from these diets in the short term is because of the sudden shock to your metabolism. For those of you who don’t know metabolism is the process of converting food to energy. If you have gone from eating a high calorie diet you will have the metabolism to match it. Essentially your metabolism is used to working at a fast pace to try and deal with the calories you are feeding your body. When you change from a high calorie diet to a low calorie diet your metabolism is still operating at a fast pace because it is used to dealing with more food. However you are now eating far less calories forcing your body to eat into your fat supply for energy.

The problem with this kind of diet is eventually your metabolism will slow down and level out to match the low intake of calories you are consuming. This will drastically reduce the physical results you see. This is called a plateau in the fitness industry. When you do start adding calories back into your diet you can put the weight on as quick as you lost it. This is especially true if you do not ease calories back in but jump straight in with a high calorie diet. Your metabolism will be working at a much lower pace and cannot deal with the amount of calories you are eating. Therefore it cannot turn all the calories into energy so the excess is turned into fat.

Number 3: Train hard and short

The best way of burning calories is of course exercise. In its most simple form, losing body fat is about using more calories then you put in. There are lots of different training styles all with their own purpose but for this post I want to concentrate on the most affective training for reducing body fat. If you want the best results you need to be using High Intensity Cardio (HIT Cardio) as your chosen training method.

The best way to do this is to use interval training. Interval training forces your body to work at different paces that never lets your heart rate settle into a rhythm. For example if you were to run for 15 minutes on a treadmill you would break it down into random intervals of sprints, jogs and walks. This is far more effective for weight loss then running for 60 minutes at a slow steady pace. Hence the title of the tip “train hard and short”. If you are training at one pace your body becomes affective at working at this level. This then reduces the amount of calories you burn. However training with intervals never allows you’re body to settle at one pace forcing it to work harder consequently burning more calories. Not only do you see better results but it also means you don’t have to train for as long. This is especially good for people who do not enjoy cardio.

If you can combine these tips or even just follow one it will help you live a happier healthier life. I hope this was helpful.

Peace Out

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